As a creative company that specialises in live event visuals we offer a wide range of services for live shows, from the beginning to the end of the process.


Creative Direction

From storyboarding and moodboarding visual content, through to rehearsals and performing live shows we can provide creative direction throughout the whole process of your show. We have a team of professionals that all have a wide skill set, from pre-production to post production and live performance.


Content Creation

We work with a range of techniques ranging from film to cgi and all the way to hand drawn animations, whatever is the most suitable medium to translate your vision in to the show.


Interactive Elements

Whether using Realsense, Notch or any number of interactive elements in your show we can provide technical and design support with an experienced team who are always keen to show off their skills or learn some new ones.


Real Time effects

Looking to make your IMAG feed more interesting or want content generated from the live camera feed? Our team have experience designing and implementing Notch to help create a more immersive show experience.


Touring VJs

We provide touring VJs for any type of show. Our team are happy, helpful and highly experienced at touring. Just don’t feed them after midnight.


Sound Design 

Whether making promotional music or creating an intro audio for your show we have in-house audio designers ready to help. Using a combination of audio design alongside our content creation can result in some great effects, here’s a preview of what we helped to create for Martin Garrix’s show.